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Last Updated: Wednesday October 21 2009 12:21 GMT

Blue Peter appeal kicks off

Child with cleft

A new Blue Peter appeal is being launched, which is asking for you to make T-shirts into special gowns.

The CBBC show wants to help kids in India born with a cleft - a gap in their lip or the roof of their mouth.

Clefts are really common, but are very easy to treat, which is where Blue Peter comes in.

The team wants you to make gowns from old T-shirts, for kids to wear while they're being treated. That'll save money, so more kids can be treated.

Pop band The Saturdays have got behind the appeal.

The Saturdays and BP's Andy

The Saturdays back Blue Peter appeal

Rochelle told us: "By getting involved, we can get other people involved."

How does it work?

You can decorate your gown however you like, and there are loads of places around the country where you can drop them off.

Each gown normally costs £3, and each operation costs £150.

So that means for every 50 gowns sent in, one more child can be treated.