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Last Updated: Tuesday October 20 2009 06:47 GMT

School's rooftop nature reserve

Ricky with the of the school's pupils

School's rooftop nature reserve

A school in Sheffield has been given a very special, environmentally friendly roof.

We sent Ricky to find out more...

"I've been to visit a school in Sheffield where the kids are allowed to play on the roof. It's not as crazy as it might sound.

Sharrow School was built two years ago and it's pretty special. A layer of grass was added to the roof along with soil and some plants.


A couple of years later, and the whole roof is now covered in plants and it's home to more than 700 hundred different types of wildlife.

The 'green roof' was created to help insulate the school by keeping the warmth inside the classroom. The roof is also used as a place for the children to have lessons.

They can take their laptops on the roof with a teacher and get online using the school's Wi-Fi. Of course, there is a balcony that runs around the roof, keeping everyone safe.

Rooftop garden

Some of the children told me they often head up there for art lessons, geography talks and much more. When the sun is shining, the roof is a magical place to learn and explore new things.

Loads of wildlife

Earlier this year the roof was given special protection as a nature reserve.

That's because it now attracts loads of birds, bees and butterflies. Sharrow School's 'green roof' is the first in England to be given a Local Nature Reserve status.

There are two sections to the 'green roof'. The first section looks more like a large balcony with plenty of flowers and wild plants. The second is right on top of the school, you have to climb two flights of stairs to get there.

Kids on the roof

Countryside in the city

When I visited the roof garden it looked more like a meadow with plenty of overgrowing grass. In one corner of the roof the school has a weather station and there's even a pond to attract frogs.

The roof has brought a piece of the countryside into the busy city centre of Sheffield, and it has made lessons so much more enjoyable for all the kids who study there.

There are almost 120 similar green roofs in Sheffield alone, each providing a habitat for all kinds of unique and threatened species."