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Last Updated: Friday October 16 2009 13:17 GMT

Space metal struck a home in Hull

A piece of metal that fell from space

A couple from Hull have been told a hunk of metal that crashed through their roof may have fallen from space.

A piece of metal that weighed almost 2kg fell through their roof in July, and since then the RAF have been studying what it could be.

They're not sure exactly where the object may have come from, but said it's likely to be "space debris".

The RAF added that this is the only incident of this type they've dealt with in the past five years.

The RAF are always sent to investigate when an object falls from the sky, just in case they fell from an RAF aircraft.

At first experts thought the object had fallen from a plane, but tests showed that wasn't the case.

Investigators spoke to both Nasa and the European Space Agency before deciding it had in fact fallen from space.