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Last Updated: Thursday October 15 2009 14:27 GMT

Trouble for driver splashing kids

A general picture of a car driving through a puddle

A woman may have to go to court after driving through a puddle on purpose to splash children standing nearby.

Kerry Callard was driving in Plymouth in Devon when she drove through the puddle. The drive was filmed and put on the video sharing website YouTube.

In the video, which has now been taken off the site, you can hear a male passenger commenting on the incident.

Callard could be charged with careless or even dangerous driving, a spokesman for Devon and Cornwall Police said.

She could be fined as much as £2,500 if found guilty of the offence.

The spokesman for Devon and Cornwall Police said: "Deliberately splashing people by driving through a big puddle could mean that the motorist was driving without reasonable consideration for other road users.

May be prosecuted

"There is also the real danger that by driving through deep water this could cause the driver of the vehicle to lose control and could result in a road traffic collision.

"People involved in this practice could find themselves prosecuted and points put on their licence."