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Last Updated: Monday October 12 2009 15:17 GMT

Fowl author wants to write Doctor Who

Filming of Doctor Who

Artemis Fowl author Eoin Colfer has got his eyes on writing stories for another famous fictional figure - Doctor Who.

He told the BBC he'd love to come up with an episode for the series, and would write one with a few laughs.

Eoin said: "I think I would go the funny way like Peter Kay did one. I think there's room for a lot of humour in Doctor Who."

Eoin added that if he did get the chance to write an episode he'd like bring Kylie Minogue back to the series.

Eoin used to go round to a friend's house to watch the TV when he was little, as they were the only people he knew with a colour TV and could pick the BBC channels too!

He also said he was looking forward to seeing "the new guy" (Matt Smith) and added: "I'd love to write for Doctor Who, so maybe someone will read this."

Delays to Artemis movie?

Eoin Colfer
Artemis Fowl author Eoin Colfer

But it seems like fans of Eoin's own character, Artemis Fowl, are in for a long wait before seeing it come to life.

He said he sold the rights to make the film nine years ago, but plans were being held back because three different companies owned bits of those rights.

Eoin said: "The last I heard is they have a script now - and they want to do it as a computer generated film like The Incredibles. I'd be happy with that, but until I'm sitting in the movie theatre watching it I won't believe it's actually been made."

Doctor Who
Matt Smith as The Doctor




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