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Last Updated: Monday October 12 2009 07:54 GMT

Jackson song heard for first time

Michael Jackson song unveiled

A new Michael Jackson song has been given its first public premiere, nearly four months after the star's death.

The track, called This Is It, features backing vocals by Jackson's brothers, but it is not known whether they were recorded before or after Jackson died.

The song was released on the singer's website and to radio stations. It will be the only original song on a double CD which goes on sale on 26 October.

It's thought to be the first of many new Jackson songs to be released.

It's not clear when Michael Jackson wrote or recorded the track.

What did Ore think of the new tune?


Before his death in June, the pop star had been working with artists like Akon and as part of his comeback.

The new song will feature in the closing credits of a film about the star, also called This Is It, which has been made using footage of rehearsals for his London concerts.