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Last Updated: Sunday October 11 2009 11:52 GMT

Miley rap explains Twitter exit

Gavin checks out Miley's Twitter rap

Miley Cyrus has released a homemade rap telling fans exactly why she's quit the micro-blogging site Twitter.

The teenage star was one of the site's most popular celebs, with more than a million people following her every word but she deleted her account last week.

It sparked a huge campaign by fans to try to get her back online.

But in her rap Miley says she got tired of gossip sites making news stories out of her tweets and has decided she wants to keep her private life private.

It had been rumoured that Miley got rid of her account after her rumoured boyfriend, Australian actor Liam Hemsworth, asked her to.

But in her rap the Hannah Montana star said that had nothing to do with it.

Some of Miley's Tweets
Twitter screengrab
"Do you ever have those days that you just wanna SCREAM! Today is my day! Grrr!!!
"Had my nightly cup of tea & now its time to go off into some crazy dreamland!"
"For all the people calling me the "next Britney" THANK U. I couldn't ask for a better compliment : )"

"No it wasn't because my friend told me to, Y'all know very well what you say I don't do," she raps.

"The reasons are simple, I started tweetin' 'bout pimples, I stopped living for moments and started living for people."

Miley's fans aren't the only ones who think she should return to Twitter, even her dad and Hannah Montana co-star Billy Ray Cyrus has called for her to rejoin the site.

But the lyrics in her rap make it pretty clear that's unlikely to happen anytime soon: "I want my private life private, I'm done trying to please.

"I ain't living for tabloids, no I'm living for me."