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Last Updated: Saturday October 10 2009 08:47 GMT

Is this the world's tallest dog?

Boomer the dog

Boomer the dog is hoping to paw his way into the record books as the tallest living pooch in the world.

He lives in North Dakota, America, with his owners, and weighs in at a pretty hefty 81kg - that's about the same as a fully grown man.

Boomer is a Landseer Newfoundland dog and is a whopping one metre tall.

Boomer is so big he can take a drink from the kitchen tap with all four paws on the floor, and often knocks furniture flying with his tail.

Boomer the dog
Boomer can get his own drinks!

A Great Dane led the way as the world's tallest living dog until earlier in the year, when he died.

Now Boomer is hoping to take his title.

Owner Caryn Weber said: "We started the process and we said we're just going to make sure we go through all the way.

"Whether we get in, whether we don't, it's been a fun process."