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Last Updated: Monday October 12 2009 05:22 GMT

I'm a record-breaking DJ

DJ Jack

Watch DJ Jack in action

Press Packer Jack has DJed his way into the record books.

Here's his story.

"I started DJing when I was three years old. I've always been into music, and my dad is also a DJ so I could practise on his equipment.

I've got three world records - one for being the youngest male radio presenter, one for being the youngest club DJ and one for being the youngest DJ. All my friends are really impressed!

My first gig was at a local bar when I was six.

Since then I've played out loads. I've DJed on a radio station in Italy, and recently had a gig Spain! When I DJ I never get nervous but I do get really excited.

Radio star

Someone from my local radio saw me play at a big live event, and offered me a monthly show on the station!

On my radio show I play all my favourite tracks.

DJ Jack
Check out my radio studio!

It's great because lots of my family and friends tune in. I've been presenting the show for a year and the more I do it the better I get.

My favourite music at the moment is by Akon, Tinchey Stryder and N-Dubz.

Mixing skills

I've learnt how to beat-match. That means getting two records going in sync and at the same speed so it sounds good when you mix one into the other. I'm also learning how to scratch!

To be a good DJ you need to be able to mix records well and be able to talk to the crowd on the microphone.

I have some big gigs lined up before Christmas - I can't wait!"

DJ Jack, 9, Somerset

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