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Last Updated: Tuesday October 13 2009 05:29 GMT

I'm one of the first to have a swine flu jab

Press Packer Isabelle

Press Packer Isabelle is one of the first children in the UK to have an injection to stop her getting swine flu.

Here's her story.

"This year a new type of flu called the H1N1 virus, or swine flu, began to infect humans.

Swine flu virus
The swine flu virus under a microscope

Not many people's bodies have natural defence to swine flu, so it has become what's called a pandemic, which mean's its spread around the world.

Sometimes we have vaccinations to stop us getting illnesses.

Swine flu jab study

I took part in a study at Southampton General Hospital that is comparing two vaccines for swine flu to see which one is best for children.

I decided to have the vaccine because I didn't want to get swine flu.

Isabelle's sister
Isabelle's little sister gets the jab

My two sisters and little brother also had the vaccine. We were four out of a thousand kids across the country.

We talked to the doctors and nurses who told us all about the study and got to ask questions if we didn't understand or were worried about anything.

The injections

I was a bit nervous because we had to have blood test and an injection, so I asked how big the needle was!

It turned out that it was only little and I only felt it a bit.

We also had special magic cream that stopped the blood test hurting so much, although I did feel dizzy afterwards because I wanted to watch the blood coming out of my hand! It was cool!

Blood test

My mum and dad had to take our temperatures every day and write on a special chart about how we were for a week after the vaccination, but we've all been OK apart from our arms being a little sore the first day.

Patient being given injection
A patient getting a jab

We have to go back again to have another blood test and another injection in a few weeks, but I feel fine because I know it didn't hurt much and I know what's going to happen.

I'm glad I've had the vaccine and think other children should have it as well to stop them getting sick."

Isabelle, 9, Portsmouth

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