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Last Updated: Thursday October 08 2009 06:20 GMT

Hundreds off at swine flu school

Linlithgow Academy in Linlithgow, Scotland

Hundreds of pupils have called in sick at a school that's been hit by a swine flu outbreak.

About 300 children - that's about one in four pupils - at Linlithgow Academy in West Lothian are at home, with about 135 reporting flu-like symptoms.

The Scottish Government said 14 of the pupils have been confirmed as having the swine flu virus.

There are no plans to close the school, but the local council has written to parents so they know what's going on.

There's a similar problem at Linlithgow Primary School, where 40 of the 415 pupils are also off sick.

Swine flu
A pig

Director of public health in Lothian, Dr Alison McCallum, said they were monitoring the situation very closely.

"Most people experience mild symptoms and make a full recovery," she said.

"Practising good hand and personal hygiene will help reduce the spread of the virus."

She said the best things to do were to make sure you wash your hands regularly and cover your nose and mouth when coughing or sneezing, ideally with a tissue.