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Last Updated: Wednesday October 07 2009 14:53 GMT

X Factor groups say they CAN win

Louis Walsh and his X Factor finalists

Kandy Rain, John and Edward and Miss Frank want their mentor Louis Walsh to give them a chance, ahead of the first live X Factor show on Saturday.

On Tuesday Louis, who is in charge of groups, said he reckons his acts won't be able to win this year.

But the hopefuls Louis is mentoring say he didn't really mean this and he was just calling the public's bluff.

They think he wants to surprise people when one of his groups does go on to win the X Factor final.

Louis is reported as saying that someone from Simon Cowell's over 25s category would scoop the prize in December.

But Edward Grimes of the duo John and Edward says no-one can say right now who is going to win, as it would put too much pressure on one category.

Dannii and her finalists

And Shaniece Davis of Miss Frank said: "Even if he did say something like that, that would fuel the fire to make us want to come out on top".

Dannii is one to watch

Even so, experts think the winner could follow in the footsteps of Leona Lewis and Alexandra Burke, which would mean a singer from Dannii Minogue's girls' group taking the title.