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Last Updated: Wednesday October 07 2009 17:37 GMT

Free toilet rolls sent to school

Pupils told to have their own loo roll

A toilet paper company has sent more than 700 rolls to a school that asked pupils to bring in their own.

Girls at the cash-strapped St John's Girls School in County Cork were given a letter from the head teacher telling them to take their own toilet paper from "time to time" to help save money.

But Kittensoft sent over 720 rolls for free after hearing about the problem.

Some parents had complained about the idea but the head teacher said it was necessary because of cutbacks.

Pupils were also asked to make sure they have tissues in their bags "at all times".

The Republic of Ireland has struggled in the recent worldwide financial crisis and schools are now feeling the pinch.

Explaining their toilet paper plea to parents, head teacher Catherine O'Neill said: "We are endeavouring to trim down expenses and ensure we use our grants towards the educational needs of your child."