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Last Updated: Wednesday October 07 2009 04:42 GMT

New-look Sugababes cancel concert

Jade Ewen, Amelle Berrebah and Heidi Range

Things haven't started too well for the new-look Sugababes, after they had to cancel a concert in Glasgow.

Heidi, Amelle and newest Sugababe Jade were to sing at the Scottish Royal Variety Performance but had to pull out because of "legal issues".

In September, the final original member of the group, Keisha, left the band to be replaced by Jade.

The band's manager said everything will be sorted out soon and it will be "business as usual next week".

All the Sugababes so far

Siobhan Donaghy-1998-2001

Mutya Buena 1998-2005

Keisha Buchanan 1998-2009

Heidi Range 2001-?

Amelle Berrabah 2005-?

Jade Ewen 2009 - ?

The girls have promised to play a show in Scotland later on to raise money for the Royal Blind Society - the charity the Scottish Royal Variety supports.

Jade explained that her dad is blind and her mum is partially sighted and added "I know first-hand the great work the charity does for families like mine."

"That's why Heidi, Amelle and I have agreed to put on our own gig to support this massively worthwhile cause."