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Last Updated: Tuesday October 06 2009 16:47 GMT

Quiz: Jacqueline Wilson

Jacqueline Wilson

Question 1

When was Jacqueline Wilson born?

A: 17 December 1945
B: 16 December 1946
C: 25 December 1947

Question 2

Before writing children's books Jacqueline Wilson wrote stories for adults, but what were they about?

A: War
B: Gardening
C: Crime

Question 3

When did Jacqueline's novel The Story of Tracy Beaker first come out?

A: 1990
B: 1991
C: 1993

Question 4

Jacqueline Wilson has a huge collection of one type of jewellery, but which is it?

A: Rings
B: Bracelets
C: Necklaces

Question 5

Jacqueline often has a lump on the inside of her index finger from doing what?

A: Playing tennis
B: Signing autographs
C: Playing computer games

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