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Last Updated: Tuesday October 06 2009 11:54 GMT

In pictures: New Doctor Who logo

Doctor Who logo from 2010

This is the latest Doctor Who logo, it will be hitting the screens in 2010. It's going to mark the start of the new Doctor, played by Matt Smith. Does it look like a Tardis?

Doctor Who logo from 2007

This is the logo we all know and love at the moment, which was brought in for the 2006 Runaway Bride Christmas Special. Have you ever tried to draw it?

Doctor Who logo from 1996

Check out this retro logo from 1996, you couldn't miss those big bold blue letters.

Doctor Who logo from 1989

There's been 11 logos and we reckon this logo from the 80s is pretty funky.

Doctor Who logo from 1986

The next two logos look pretty similar....

Doctor Who logo from 1984

Can YOU spot the difference?

Doctor Who logo from 1980

Wow.. this logo is really swirly, it's like it's under water.

Doctor Who logo from 1970

This is the spookiest logo - don't the blue swirls look ghostly!

Doctor Who logo from 1966

This was a logo from the Doctor's early days back in 1966.

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