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Last Updated: Wednesday October 21 2009 04:58 GMT

I rap to spread an anti-knife crime message

Press Packer Isaiah

Press Packer Isaiah has been rapping for half his life.

He won a competition for rapping about stopping knife crime.

"My name is Isaiah but I'm known as Lil Dreads.

I'm 11 and I started rapping when I was just five or six.

First I rapped with other artists but after a while started to rap my own lyrics.

I now write all my own material, and most of my ideas come from life experiences and things in the news that I feel strongly about.

Rap talent

I entered the Freestyle King competition with my rap about wanting to stop knife crime.

Lil Dreads
Lil Dreads has been rapping for years

The competition was part of an anti-knife crime campaign called It Doesn't Have To Happen.

Using my rap I wanted to get a very strong message across that might make people think before they commit a crime or hurt somebody.

Knife crime affects a lot of young people and I believe that it doesn't have to happen.

Important message

It was amazing to discover that I had won this competition when I was competing with so many other talented artists.

There were eight MCs in total that got through to the final.

I feel I have a responsibility now as the winner to help promote awareness and the importance of the anti-knife campaign."

Isaiah, 11, Dorset

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