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Last Updated: Monday October 05 2009 15:15 GMT

More help needed for blind kids

Hayley's been to meet Hannah who has sight problems

Around 20,000 children in the UK are blind or partially sighted.

Some of these kids are able to live full lives but for some even simple tasks can be really tricky.

That's because around a third of children with sight problems are not given any help or training when it comes to getting around by themselves.

The Blind Association are now calling for this to change and the government to do more to help blind children get the help they need.

Hayley went to meet Hannah. She is partially sighted but unlike other children she's been taught how to use a cane to get up stairs and get around school.

Hayley chatting to Hannah

She reckons life can still be tough but she is glad that she had help and learned to get around by herself.

But Hannah is one of the lucky ones. One in ten youngsters with sight difficulties don't leave the house at all because they have not been taught the skills they need to go out alone and be independent.

More help needed

Blind charities are worried that this is having a really bad effect on children living with sight problems. They don't go out and make friends and so are stuck living like 'mini-grannies'.

Now a big campaign is asking the government to give help to all children with sight problems, so that more children can be like Hannah and get the help they need.