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Last Updated: Sunday October 11 2009 15:32 GMT

I won a bravery award and met Prince Harry

Press Packer Lyndon

Press Packer Lyndon won a WellChild Bravest Child Award for the way he coped after doctors had to amputate part of both his legs and hands to save his life when he was a baby.

"I attended the WellChild Awards ceremony and had an amazing time.

WellChild is a national charity for sick children and I met their patron, Prince Harry, who was very friendly.

Great event

The prince asked me what my hobbies were and I told him I liked to swim and my ambition is to swim at the Paralympics in 2012 or 2016.

Lyndon meeting Prince Harry
Lyndon meeting Prince Harry

He then asked how many times a week I swam and what strokes I liked to do.

The awards evening was amazing - to be sat at the same table as Prince Harry was fantastic as he gave me a pat on the back at the end, as a way of saying well done.

To receive the WellChild Award was a great honour and an achievement.

I will always remember getting up on stage in front of all the celebrities such as Joe Pasquale, Escala, Jermain Defoe and Prince Harry - it felt totally out of this world.

The ceremony was beautiful and the room was very decorative.

Escala performed on stage, they were fantastic to watch.

The evening is what I will talk about to many people for a long time now as I felt like a celebrity myself."

Lyndon, 13, County Durham, England

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