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Last Updated: Monday October 05 2009 11:12 GMT

Simpsons get a healthy makeover

Advert will be shown before The Simpsons

Everyone's favourite cartoon family, the Simpsons, are taking on a healthy new image.

The Department of Health is going to sponsor the series in the UK and put adverts at the start of the episodes.

The ads show specially-designed characters tucking into unhealthy junk food, which then disappears and is replaced with more nutritious options.

The adverts, which are part of the Change4Life campaign, cost £640,000 to make and will run until Christmas Day.

The people behind the ads hope that watching them before one of your favourite shows will remind you to think healthily.

Change 4 life advert

The characters have been designed by the creators of Wallace and Gromit, Ardman Animation, and are meant to mirror the well-loved Simpsons family sharing their sofa at the start of each episode.

The government's Change4Life campaign is trying to encourage families to make small changes to their lives which will make them fitter, while still having fun.

Health experts reckon teaming up with the Simpsons will be a great way to get this message across.