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Last Updated: Monday October 05 2009 08:55 GMT

Kids' shoes damaging their feet

Huge problems caused by bad shoes

Shoes are big business in the UK - we get through loads of pairs in a lifetime and spend a staggering £70 BILLION on them every year.

But new research shows that if you pick a pair because they look good instead of making sure they fit properly they can cause massive problems later on.

Experts say three quarters of women and two thirds of men have damaged feet.

And 70% of those problems were caused by wearing badly fitting shoes when they were younger.

Claw toes, collapsed arches, corns, bunions and spur heels are just some of the problems badly fitting shoes can cause.

Emma Supple is a foot doctor, called a podiatrist, who's treated loads of children with foot problems.

Foot doctor's top tips for healthy feet

She said because children's feet are still growing, if they wear poorly fitted shoes their feet can start to take the shape of those shoes.

She added: "If you wear bad shoes through your childhood, and your toes and your foot starts to change shape, then your knees will change and your hips will change and you'll start to develop problems other than your feet."