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Last Updated: Friday October 02 2009 15:45 GMT

Ricky checks out ban on parents swearing

Ricky at the school

School bans parents from swearing

A head teacher has told parents he'll ban them from his school if they swear after noticing an increase in bad language when kids were being picked up or dropped off.

Ricky went to find out more.

"Mr Henderson, who runs Westermorland Primary in the north of England, writes to parents almost every day to keep them up to date with what's going on in school.

So when he noticed that there seemed to be a bit too much bad language in the playground he wrote to parents asking that they follow the same rules as their kids - no swearing in school!

Mr Henderson of Westmorland Primary in Brinnington
Mr Henderson wants parents to watch what they say

I read the letter he sent when I went to visit the school. It told parents that if they continued to swear he would think about banning them from the school grounds for good.


Under the law, parents who make a nuisance of themselves can be ordered to keep off the school site by the head teacher and local council. And Mr Henderson sees swearing as a nuisance.

He told me that while no harm was meant by the parents who used bad language when talking to their kids, he was concerned they'd end up using the same words themselves.

Westmorland Primary in Brinnington

He said loads of mums and dads thought it was a good idea and he'd had lots of emails of support. He also said that one grandmother thought he deserved a medal.

'Much better'

I spoke to some of the kids in the school and they thought it was a good idea.

They didn't like hearing adults swear at all and were concerned that the very young children in the school could end up using the words without knowing what they were saying.

I wasn't able to stay around until home time but Mr Henderson says that since the letter things have been much better and there's been much less swearing at home time."