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Last Updated: Friday October 02 2009 13:34 GMT

In pictures: Pets that rock

A cat dressed as someone from Kiss

Check out this cat. He's no ordinary feline, he's a pet that rocks!

Dog dressed as Elvis

These pictures are part of a calendar full of pets who've been made to look like famous rock stars, past and present. Looks like this hound dog's trying to be Elvis.

A cat dressed as Amy Winehouse

Can you guess who this cat's meant to be...? With this classic beehive it could only be Amy Winehouse.

A guinea pig dressed up as David Bowie

Some of the pets have undergone a pretty radical transformation, like this David Bowie-styled guinea pig - but none of the animals were dressed up for real.

A dog as a punk

Instead, real pets were photographed in their own homes to capture their natural expressions on film.

Dog dressed as Jimi Hendrix

Their pictures were then dressed up digitally so they could be transformed into rock stars... like this one of a pup as Jimi Hendrix!

Dog with dreadlocks

Looks like it'll be a dreadlock holiday for this Bob Marley wannabe. Do you think he's got his own band called the Woofers instead of the Wailers too?

A cat dressed as Dolly Parton

It's not just rock stars the pets have been modelled on, this cat's gone for the look of country and western singer Dolly Parton.

Guinea pigs and cats as Abba

Would you take a chance on this unlikely grouping of cats and guinea pigs as Abba?

A guinea pig dressed up

We're not too sure who this is meant to be, but the beads look pretty funky.

A cat

And this cat is definitely too cool for school with that hairdo.

A dog dressed as Ozzy Osbourne

Recognise this pooch's disguise? Wonder if he can yell as loudly as the real Ozzy Osbourne?




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