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Last Updated: Friday October 02 2009 11:38 GMT

In pictures: Dinosaur auction

Duck-billed Dinosaur

Loads of dinosaur skeletons are being auctioned in Las Vegas in America. It is hoped they will raise about a million pounds. This one is a Hadrosaurid or duck-billed dinosaur.

Shark Jaws

These are the jaws from a massive prehistoric shark called the Carcharocles megalodon. There are 180 fossil teeth in the shark's jaw. Imagine those jaws coming towards you!

Mum and baby dinosaur

These two are a pair of ceratopsian dinosaurs. People have nicknamed the little one Ben and the big one Xenia.

Woolley mamouth

This Woolly Mammoth skeleton has 90 percent of its original bones which is really unusual. It measures 28ft which is longer than four men lying down head to toe.

T rex

Meet Samson the T Rex that's 66 million years old! The skull in this picture is a model because his real skull weighs too much to be displayed safely with the rest of the skeleton.

T Rex skull

And this is Samson's real skull. Those teeth are pretty impressive!