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Last Updated: Monday September 28 2009 18:31 GMT

Gone: A Newsround follow up

A screengrab from Gone

Gone: Newsround follow up

In March, Newsround brought you a special programme about coping with death with the help of four children who'd all recently lost someone close to them.

Six months later, we caught up with Sarika, Bradley, Joe and Katie to see how they're doing.



When Sarika's mum died nearly four years ago, she felt angry and frustrated.

She went to counselling with her dad and little sister to find ways to talk about her mum.

Now Sarika says if there's one piece of advice she'd offer others in a similar situation, it's to talk to someone.

"Things at home now are a lot better because we can talk to each other and Dad's spending more time with us," she said.



Before Gone, Bradley was having a tough time at school.

His mates teased him about being upset about his dad dying and thought he was putting it on.

But now he says that after watching the programme they understand how he's feeling and he's finding it all easier to cope with.

"My advice is that you should look through the memories that you had with the person who's died - all the good memories, never the bad."



Joe also found Gone helped his friends understand what he was going through after his granddad died.

He said his advice to others would be not to worry about always being upset.

"It will seem like it will never end but you will, not get over it completely, but it will get easier."



Katie is looking forward to the future now too.

Filming for Gone helped her cope when her brother, James, died after being hit by a car a year ago.

She said the programme helped her talk about what had happened and it felt good to know that her advice would help other people who'd lost friends or family.

"Don't focus on the person's death, but look forward to things in the future," she said.