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Last Updated: Monday September 28 2009 16:56 GMT

I got to see how the weather is changing


Press Packer Emily won a competition to go to the place where they predict the weather.

Here is her story:

"I went to the Met Office because I had won a competition called Generation Green.

It was all about getting kids from seven to 14 years old to come up with ideas to help the environment. These ideas will be shown to the government to see if they can do anything about them.

I had to write an essay about why I should be chosen to win. It was all very exciting!

When I got to the Met Office (where they get the weather forecasts from) they took me up to this massive room where there were desks and chairs and a man making a speech to welcome us all.

We all introduced ourselves then we had a discussion about what we did to help the environment like get solar panels and write letters to shops asking them what they do to help the environment.

Forecasting the weather

After that we had a speech about what hurricanes and tornadoes were and how they were formed.

Apparently people can sometimes survive being sucked up in one and that global warming means there will be more hurricanes.

Emily presenting her weather report
Emily presenting her weather report

There was another speech and two of the other children had a debate about if climate change was caused by humans or naturally.

One of them said that something similar to this has happened naturally before and that that was not because of humans.

I think it is because of humans putting carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and that only part of it is natural. The scientists at the Met Office said it was almost certainly because of humans putting carbon dioxide into the air. It was really interesting!

Afterwards we went outside and they showed us some of the equipment they used to measure the weather.

There was a cloud laser beam that shot invisible laser beams into the clouds which then bounced back so they could find out a lot about what the clouds were doing.

There were also gadgets that were attached to a balloon and released into the sky which measured wind speed, direction and temperature.

Olympic idea

At lunch time, we had the chance to film our own weather forecast for 2060. I had to read from a script and have a mini microphone clipped on to me .

There was a green screen behind me so I had to look at a mini television to see the map of Great Britain. It was really fun and was quite easy!

At the end of the day they showed releasing carbon dioxide into the air was just like wrapping blankets around the earth, it would get warmer and warmer and warmer.

We were split into two groups and had to think of ideas to take to the government.

My idea was to run the new Olympic stadium on alternative energy like solar panels, wind turbines.

It was a great day out!"

Emily, 11, Sheffield, England

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