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Last Updated: Monday September 28 2009 13:56 GMT

New rules for conker competition


Searches and police-style checks are to be used to stop competitors cheating at a village conker competition.

Only conkers collected and checked by organisers can be used in the Poulton International Conkers Tournament, held on Friday 2 October.

Conkers will be marked with a special fluorescent pen, just like those used by police to mark stolen property.

Winners will have to have their conkers checked under a special light to make sure the there's been no swaps.


Organiser Phil Heneghan said: "All conkers used will be supplied to competitors by the committee, after being individually drilled and strung, in an effort to avoid the dishonest substitutions experienced in the past.

"We will also strain-test conkers in a vice and have a squad of people who will be checking the strings to ensure no elastic is used."

Big hitters

Anyone caught using their own conkers will be banned.

Rules for the tournament are simple.

Conker on a string
Conker on a string

Each team of five faces another team and each person gets three strikes.

And the team with the most remaining goes through to the next round!