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Last Updated: Thursday September 24 2009 16:03 GMT

Hayley checks out school hair straighteners

New idea to get girls into sport

Research shows kids in the UK are becoming more overweight so one school in Glasgow decided to try to do something about it.

It's come up with what might seem like an unusual way to get girls into games. We sent Hayley to find out more about the plan.

"The school is very new and high-tech! It has three games pitches, a green house and wildlife gardens, but other than that the school day seemed very much like a normal school day.

The girls' first lesson was PE and so off we went outside to play hockey.

It was a cold day but after running around for 20 minutes we were all hot and bothered and not looking our best. But that's just part of the fun of playing sport isn't it?

Well, at least I thought it was until I followed the girls into their changing rooms...

Hair care

You see, this school has decided to put hair straighteners in the changing rooms for any girls who are worried about their curls.

After the lesson we were able to dry our hair and then style it with the straighteners so that when the girls went to their next lesson they looked like they'd just stepped out of the hair salon.

The girls I met loved the idea. One girl said that she probably wouldn't even do sport if she couldn't straighten her hair afterwards.

Another girl told me that while the hair straighteners are good, girls don't really need them as they could just tie their hair up in a pony tail.

But I still wasn't convinced and so I spoke to Terry Lanaghan, the man who's in charge of schools in the area.

Is it worth the cash?

I asked him whether he thought putting hair straighteners in school would make girls worry more about their looks than their lessons? And should the money be spend on better things like school books or sports equipment?

Terry told me that the hair straighteners didn't cost that much compared to other things in the school and they worked out at about 37p per girl that uses them. And he told me that if the hair straighteners get more girls playing sports then they must be a good thing.

The girls at this school are well impressed with straighteners but the gadgets are only in a few schools so far so we'll have to wait to see if any other schools think going straight is the way to get girls into sport."