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Last Updated: Thursday September 24 2009 15:28 GMT

In pictures: British Wildlife Photography Awards


These photographs are from the British Wildlife Photographer competition. This was the winning shot and shows a damselfly clinging to a reed and won Ross Hoddinott 5,000!


This grey seal was snapped underwater by Alexander Mustard - he won the coast and marine category.

Blackbirds fighting

This picture shows two blackbirds fighting. It was taken by David Slater who won the wildlife behaviour category.


Will Nicholls won the Young British Wildlife Photographer Under 18 award for his image of a red squirrel taken in Kielder Forest, Northumberland.


These Gannets, taken by Ben Hall, secured him prize for best portrait.

Deer in woods

Ben Hall won praise for his photo of a deer, which was taken first thing in the morning.

Flock of birds

These birds were captured by Lorne Gill, flocking above a petrol station.


This photo was also a winner - it's a swan on a canal by Noel Bennett.