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Last Updated: Monday October 19 2009 13:57 GMT

Single review: Cheryl Cole - Fight For This Love

Universal Music

Release date

It's out 19 October 2009.

The style

It's pop but with a dance beat and it will have you dancing around the room!

This single has a really modern sound and shows that Cheryl is not only Fighting for this Love but also fighting to be recognised as a proper solo artist.

The words

Here's the chorus... "Anything that's worth having, sure enough worth fighting for, quitting's out of the question, when it gets tough gotta fight some more, we gotta fight, fight, fight, fight, fight for this love".

This song is all about relationships and fighting to stay with the one you love. It's got an upbeat message that if you want something, you must work hard to hold on to it.

Will you still be humming it next week?

The chorus is catchy and it does get stuck in your head. But the rest of the single is pretty forgettable and it certainly isn't as memorable as Cheryl's Girls Aloud tunes.

Will it make the charts?

With her rise to fame in Girls Aloud and as a judge on the X Factor a lot of people will be eager to hear Cheryl's single, so it's bound to do well.

We think it'll enter the Top 10, but it's probably not good enough to bag Cheryl her first number one as a solo artist.

Fight for this Love definitely has something, but we're not sure it's the X Factor.

NR rating:

Four out of five

Your Comments

"It's the best song I've heard so far."

Helen, 10, London, England

"I love this song! The video is really good too. I love the leopard print trousers Cheryl wears in the video!!"

Lori, 11, Dundee, Scotland

"I love this song!!! I hope it is number one next week!!"

Elisha, 12, Bristol, England

"I love Cheryl's song Fight For This Love. I think she is a great role model and she's doing well on the X Factor."

Hannah, 11, South Lanarkshire, Scotland

"I think the song is amazing, it's really catchy."

Rebecca, 11, Liverpool, England

"I like the chorus, it's really catchy. I am glad she has a solo career so all the focus is on her."

Rebekah, 10, Rochdale, England

"I'm sorry she may have the looks but she hasn't got the voice."

Judy, 14, UK

"This song is amazing. This should be number one in the charts."

Mattie, 14, Manchester, England

"She is a good singer, I like her song but she doesn't sound very good live. She sounds better on the music video."

Molly Mae, 11, Gloucestershire, England

"I love it a lot! She is better alone than with a group."

Hermione, 10, Hereford, England

"I like the new song, and my friends are crazy about Cheryl. I give it a 9 out of 10."

Emily, 9, Harrogate, England

"I absolutely love Fight for this Love!! The tune is very catchy and makes you sing and dance along. But I think that she has a small chance of success without the rest of Girls Aloud. Cheryl's voice isn't that strong so it may not do well in the charts. But it is definitely awesome to sing and dance to!!!"

Maryam, 12, Derbyshire, England

"Fight For This Love is a pop, but also a love, song. It really brings out what kind of person she is. The music video is really great and she wears loads of great outfits. You have got to hear this song."

Mary, 10, Surrey, England

"I think it is amazing and it will definitely get to number one. It is so cool and all my friends are dancing to it at school."

Jessie, 12, Surrey, England

"This song is amazing. It's very catchy and stays in your head all day. The video is great too!!"

Star, 12, Leicester, England

"I don't really like this song."

Rebecca, 12, Manchester, England

"I normally hate this type of music. I am more into indie music, but I like this song. It's catchy and I think it will definitely go to number one as Cheryl is everywhere right now and very popular."

Jordan, 12, Antrim, Northern Ireland

"I think Cheryl Cole's new song rocks! I love all the funky dance movies! She has a great voice!"

Olivia, 10, Middlesex, England

"It's a really good song. It's one of my favourites now, she is really good at singing."

Emma, 11, Walsall, England

"Cheryl Cole's voice is edgy, fun and this single isn't anything like her work with Girls Aloud. The song is top class but maybe not strong enough for her to pursue a solo career. It's a daring start and I can't wait for the album."

Laurie, 14, Glasgow, Scotland

"I adore Cheryl Cole. She is my fave celeb. Love all her songs. She is much better on her own. But some of the outfits she wears are horrific!"

Megan, 11, Surrey, England

"I love it. Every morning I listen to it on the radio, it's the best track ever."

Aklema, 11, Halifax, England

"I love this song and it is very catchy. It's good to see her taking a break from Girls Aloud and I'm sure her new album is going to be great!!"

Jacob, 11, Coventry, England

"I love this new song and have heard it a lot on the radio. It seems to be a big hit!"

Lauren, 12, Lincolnshire, England

"I think this song is boring. She's just going on and on and you expect there to be a big chorus and there isn't one really."

Joe, 12, Somerset, England

"I like Cheryl's new song, it's wicked, although I love her in a group."

Freya, 10, Dorset, England

"I think her song is great and I would definitely give it a thumbs up!"

Stephanie, 10, Middlesex, England

"So awful that words cannot describe. It sounds like a usual Cheryl Cole number."

Daisy, 10, London, England

"I love Cheryl. I think she has an amazing voice. All of her songs are a hit. She is also very pretty."

Chloe, 14, Wales

"I love this song and I love Cheryl Cole!!! The video is immense as well."

Laura, 11, Lincolnshire, England

"I love the single at the moment, although originally I found it a bit annoying. But to be honest I think Cheryl should just stick with Girls Aloud. I don't think she needs to have a solo career as well, and I don't think she can have a solo career and be in Girls Aloud! She's already a WAG, has her own clothing line, is an X Factor judge, and is in Girls Aloud, plus loads of other things. She doesn't need to do a solo career!"

Charlotte, 13, Leeds, England

"I really like it! But there is one thing. It's not the same as Girls Aloud, I think she should go back to the group. Brilliant one-off though!"

Sadia, 11, Coventry, England

"I think it is very good and it makes me dance around the living room! I think when she was in the band it didn't show how good she was at singing!"

Leah, 12, Surrey, England

"I LOVE Cheryl Cole's new song. You are an inspiration to everyone Cheryl. Keep on. You rock, I love you!"

Mia, 10, England

"Cheryl is amazing, she has done so well, and this song is amazing! Also she is so pretty, everyone loves her!"

Lucy, 12, Kent, England

"I think this is a really good debut single for Cheryl. I love the video showing her dancing looking more casual than we have seen her before, and can't wait for the album!"

Jacqueline, 14, Wales

"I think Cheryl Cole is WAY better with Girls Aloud than she is on her own, and she hasn't got a strong enough voice to be a solo artist!"

Summer, 12, Herefordshire, England

"I love Cheryl Cole and she had the right idea to sing solo."

Lucy, 9, Oxfordshire, England

"I like this song but I don't think it has much of a tune to it. She could have done MUCH better. 3/5."

Tom, 11, Cardiff, Wales

"I love her new song. I think it's great and she has a really good chance of winning the X Factor this year as well!"

Mojan, 12, Manchester, England

"This was quite a good single, although I think Cheryl should stick to Girls Aloud and the X Factor, as that is what she's best at!!"

Tellte, 9, Scotland

"I love this song. I listen to it 15 times a day in a row a NEVER get bored."

Lauren, 9, Wolverhampton, England

"I think her new song is terrible. I can write a better song than that and what is the meaning of the song anyway?"

Kieran, 13, Wales

"I think this song is really good and Cheryl is amazing but I love Girls Aloud and really don't want them to split up. I went to see their tour this year and it was amazing and to think that it could be their last one is horrible. Cheryl's song is really good but she should stay with Kimberly, Sarah, Nicola and Nadine!!

Caitlin, 11, Wales

"I think she should stay with Girls Aloud!!!"

Eilidh, 9, Glasgow, Scotland

"LOVED IT!!! Cheryl Cole is a good solo artist but she is also good in Girls Aloud. Thumbs up from me!"

Rachel, 12, Northern Ireland

"I love Cheryl Cole. She has got a brilliant voice and I think this should be number one in the charts. It looks weird, her being on her own, but I think it is a great song. I have been a Cheryl fan for all of my life. I wish I was Cheryl Cole."

Charlie, 12, Suffolk, England

"I think this song is amazing because I loved her in Girls Aloud so I love her new one. PS: I think she looks really great in the video."

Carter, 11, Belfast, Northern Ireland

"I cannot stop listening to your song. You are the best singer in the world. Once again you are the best!"

Adz, 11, Warwickshire, England

"I think Cheryl Cole's new song Fight For This Love is great. She sounds better when she's not with Girls Aloud."

Lisa, 14, Scotland

"I loved the song, I thought it was really catchy but I am loving the video. I think Cheryl did really well."

Aisling, 12, Belfast, Northern Ireland

"She's really pretty and has a good voice. But they've edited the video a lot. She's not the best singer in Girls Aloud. Cheryl is more famous and is more likable than the rest."

Amy, 14, Stockport, England

"This song is amazing. It's very catchy and stays in your head all day. The video is great too!!"

Gabriella, 12, Lincolnshire, England

"Her voice definitely rocks but I'm not sure about some of the lyrics though."

Victoria, 11, Kent, England

"I have been singing the song all week and can't get it out of my head. I definitely can't get enough of it. Amazing song!!"

Sally, 14, Stoke, England

"I have heard the song and to be honest it is pretty shocking. I thought she could do a lot better than that. It sounds like they have corrected her voice. I have heard them live and she sounded nothing like she does in this song. She is only getting this far because of her looks. She should stick with Girls Aloud and being an X Factor judge. That's what she's good at!"

Emily, 14, Halifax, England

"I am a huge fan of Cheryl and Girls Aloud and this is my favourite song. I think it will be my fave for a while."

Georgia, 13, England

"I don't think Cheryl Cole has a strong enough voice to be a solo artist. It's not original enough. I think she should stick to X Factor and Girls Aloud."

Izzy, 11, Nottinghamshire, England

"This song is fab, Cheryl Cole rocks whoop whoop!!"

Elysia, 10, Nottinghamshire, England

"I love the song and the video's cool too, you can't get bored of it!!!!"

Louise, 12, London, England

"This song is catchy and you will be singing it for a long time. It feels strange seeing Cheryl by herself and not with Girls Aloud. But it is still good."

Daniel, 10, Harrogate, England

"I have heard this song and I think it is brill. It will hit number one!"

Rihanna, 13, County Durham, England

"I think this song is really good and she should do more solo albums."

Shammylla, 13, Birmingham, England

"Cheryl's song is fab!!! I can already play the drums to it. The song is breathtaking, you are the best Cheryl."

Adz, 11, Warwickshire, England

"I like the video because it has lots of good dance moves. I like the trousers she had on!"

Luca, 9, Scotland

"I love it, she's better being a solo artist."

Leo, 11, Chester, England

"I love this song, it has some great moments. Although I think her voice has been re-mastered in parts. Otherwise a superb effort."

Nic, 12, London, England

"I think it was OK but it would sound totally the same if she sang it with Girls Aloud as she has so many backing singers."

Millie, 10, Surrey, England

"I really like this record, it is a good start to a hopefully very successful solo career."

Emma, 9, Lincolnshire, England

"I love Cheryl Cole's new single. She is in Girls Aloud, my favourite band, but now she's on her own she's well good."

Charlie, 13, Nottingham, England

"I prefer Cheryl in a band. It's not as good as everyone says it is."

Gaby, 11, Warwickshire, England

"It is a great song but it would have been better with her girls."

Lois, 10, Derbyshire, England

"It's the best. It's really catchy and the words are awesome."

Adam, 10, Warwickshire, England

"I don't think it's that great at all. The song is boring and she isn't really a good singer. The only reason it'll do well is because of her looks, not her talents."

Maja, 14, Northern Ireland

"I love this song. It is very catchy. With a good tune. However, to be honest, I don't think Cheryl is actually singing as she is not a very good singer and this voice is."

Zara, 12, London, England

"I just heard it today and it was quite good, when I first heard it I thought it was the Saturdays!"

Alice, 12, Northampton, England

"I really love this song! I certainly will be buying it and I'm sure it will do well. I love her as a person as well because she is so genuine. Well done Cheryl!"

Hayley, 13, Scotland

"I loved it. It's amazing and I love Cheryl Cole and I love Kimberly from Girls Aloud. I hope Girls Aloud will still sing."

Yiorgos, 13, Edinburgh, Scotland

"I think it's great that she's finally releasing her own single to see what it's like going solo."

Hannah, 12, Somerset, England

"I actually love this song! It's my favourite at the moment! I really love her leopard print trousers in the video! Whoop!"

Emma, 13, Scotland

"I like Cheryl but I think she should just stay with the band."

Hannah, 11, Scotland

"Fight For This Love is the BEST song ever!!!"

Hari, 11, Cumbria, England

"I love this song and I'm glad she's going solo for a bit, she may not have the strongest voice, but she's a good singer with great style and personality."

Laura, 14, England

"It's one of the best songs out this year and I do think Cheryl should stay in Girls Aloud but also still do more solo songs!"

Nicola, 11, Scotland

"She's AMAZING! And she's the best role model."

Kiera, 8, Stockport, England

"I absolutely love Cheryl's new song and I know her album will just be amazing."

Vikki, 12, Leicester, England

"This song is great! There is nothing like it! And people we've got to give her some credit because she can't do a lot with her voice. It's different to most singers in a good way. This is probably one of the best songs I have seen her ever sing."

Ashley, 13, Leeds, England

"I LOVE this song, it really shows Cheryl in her own light with everyone watching her because in Girls Aloud she is heard but I don't feel as if she is as much a part of the singing group. So I think this is a perfect chance for her to shine!!!"

Emma, 13, Norfolk, England

"Cheryl is way better with the rest of Girls Aloud. I don't understand why she would want to go solo. However I am totally in love with this song - but it's not as brilliant as the whole Girls Aloud team together!"

Holly, 11, Northampton, England

"It's ace, the best song we have raved to in a long time, well done Cheryl. Whoop whoop!"

Sam and Meg, 12, Yorkshire, England

"I don't think it's as good as everyone says it is, but it is definitely catchy. It's not the best song out right now and she isn't as good as when she was in Girls Aloud."

Eve, 11, Belfast, N. Ireland

"It's great and she sounds better as a solo artist."

Emma, 13, Cheshire, England

"I think this song is great and she will do a lot better on her own and not in Girls Aloud."

Jess, 13, Leeds, England

"This song is amazing! It's weird seeing my fave Girls Aloud singer singing without the rest of the group, but I think she is a good solo artist as well as a band singer. Can't wait until this song comes out so I can buy it for my ipod!"

Holly, 12, Ayrshire, Scotland

"I do like this song and I am listening to it right now. It has been stuck in my head since I saw the video on Saturday. I wouldn't say it's the best song of the year or anything but it is rather catchy."

Cara, 12, Moray, Scotland

"I think it's a really great song, but it totally freaks me out watching my fave singer sing without the rest of Girls Aloud behind her."

Aoife, 10, Dublin, Ireland

"It's good! I heard it on Friday and it's been stuck in my head since (even though I haven't listened to it since Sunday). We gotta fight fight fight for this love."

Amy, 13, Bournemouth, England

"This song is amazing."

Amy, 12, Staffordshire, England

"This song is amazing, I listen to it every day and night. Cheryl is a better singing on her own."

Melissa, 14, Nottingham, England

"I think that Cheryl's song is THE best that she's ever done! When my mum fell in love with it, I listened to it and then I fell in love with it!!"

Riaana, 11, London, England

"I absolutely love this song. I always sing it. I think Cheryl's really good on her own."

Shannon, 13, Belfast, N. Ireland

"I first heard this song on a music channel on TV. Ever since then I haven't been able to get it out of my head! I absolutely love it! Well done Cheryl, I'm loving your new song! Five stars from me! Now I can't wait for it to be released!"

Charlotte, 11, Cambridgeshire, England

"It's not the best, but you've got to give her some credit."

Angel, 12, London, England

"I think this song is the worst song I have ever heard, it is rubbish, the worst EVER."

Hinna, 12, Surrey, England

"This song is cool. I think it's great for Cheryl Cole to have a solo career, because Girls Aloud haven't been making any songs recently. Go Cheryl!!"

Emily, 13, Derbyshire, England

"I like it but when I first heard it I was like, that can't be Cheryl Cole. It has been so edited. I prefer Alexandra Burke's new song, Bad Boys."

Ellie, 14, Greater London, England

"Cool song. My cousin loves it and we both have it on our MP3."

Sophia, 12, Birmingham, England

"I heard this song on the radio and I think that it's OK but not as good as some of her songs with Girls Aloud. I don't think that it's going to get to number one in the charts."

Charlotte, 12, London, England

"I think the song's GREAT!! If you haven't heard it then you have to!"

Emma, 9, Lanarkshire, Scotland

"Cool video, cool voice! LOVE IT!! Great role model and looks great."

Emma, 14, Bradford, England

"This is the best song ever! People can really relate to this and while I am studying I listen to this!"

Natalie, 13, Manchester, England

"It was good! Her choreography was good, I'm not totally sure about her singing, but it was good!"

Riordan, 12, Cambridgeshire, England

"I admire Cheryl Cole! The song is definitely a grower. She looks fantastic and the chorus is amazing. It will be in the Top 10."

Esther, 12, Essex, England

"I love Cheryl's new song, it's brilliant! Cheryl is my idol and I love her. I can't wait for her album 'Three Words' to come out! Love you Cheryl."

Natasha, 11, Hertfordshire, England

"Yes, she is fantastic. She is my best singer out of the Universe. She is fandabydosy!"

Sophie, 10, Lanarkshire, Scotland

"It's cool, I really love listening to it."

Zara, 14, London, England

"I thought the song was OK. I liked the chorus most. Cheryl can go a long way as a solo singer but she is better with the rest of Girls Aloud."

Hannah, 12, Plymouth, England

"It's really good, the video is amazing."

Julie, 9, Glasgow, Scotland

"It is very catchy, I sing it now all the time. I hope she gets to the top of the charts."

Chloe, 10, West Midlands, England

"I heard this song a few days ago and love it. Although I doubt it'll be number one, it's still a really good song."

Amy, 12, Northern Ireland

"I think her song is quite good. But I think she is better singing with the other girls though."

Tamara, 11, London, England

"It doesn't sound like Cheryl's voice but it is definitely a catchy song and the video is OK."

Zara, 13, Manchester, England

"I love Fight For This Love so much."

Lauren, 10, Doncaster, England

"I think Cheryl Cole's single is quite unique compared to her usual songs with Girls Aloud. It's more in the dance category. It's great!"

Lauren, 12, Essex, England

"I really like it because it's different than anything else in the charts."

Chloe, 11, Glasgow, Scotland

"I love Cheryl's look in the video and also the song... I hope it does well in the charts."

Sally-Ann, 11, Yorkshire, England

"It is kind of cool, but I think Cheryl is better with Girls Aloud!"

Joanna, 9, London, England

"I love Cheryl, but the first time I heard it I wasn't so keen, but now I'm loving it. I hope it does really well as she seems to be working very hard."

Ashlee, 14, Swindon, England

"Yes, I think Cheryl Cole's new song is great and I can't wait until it is released. I will definitely get it."

Alice, 12, Essex, England

"I don't think Cheryl Cole is very good on her own. I think she's MUCH better as a Girls Aloud member!"

Sonia, 11, Norwich, England

"I liked the song but the video is strange!"

Kate, 11, Northants, England

"It's aaammmaaazzziinngg! I love it so much. It was in my head all day! The video is class. She is great and this is a number one song!"

Ellie, 12, Plymouth, England