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Last Updated: Thursday September 24 2009 06:47 GMT

Huge find of Anglo-Saxon gold

Terry Herbert with some of his finds

The biggest ever discovery of Anglo-Saxon gold and silver has been found buried in a field in Staffordshire.

It's thought the huge collection, including jewellery, swords and items decorated with precious gem stones, lay buried for more than 1,400 years.

The hoard of more than 1,500 items was unearthed by Terry Herbert, who found the treasures using a metal detector.

Historians think the discovery is really important and may have belonged to Saxon royalty.

The field where the gold and silver was found
The field where the gold and silver was found

It could take more than a year for the gold, which is expected to be officially classed as treasure later, to be valued.

In the meantime, the whole collection is due to go on display at the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery in October.