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Last Updated: Wednesday September 23 2009 15:28 GMT

I saw the Sydney dust storm

Nikki's street during the red dust storm
Nikki's street during the red dust storm

Press Packer Nikki from Sydney, Australia, awoke to find her city covered in a red dust which had blown in from the outback.

She tells us what it was like:

"I am Nikki and I live in north Sydney where the dust storm paused our lives.

I woke up when my older sister jumped on me at 6am, telling to me get up and look outside.

My sister jumping on me was bad enough but waking up to what looked like a horror movie was even scarier!

Choking and coughing

The dust was everywhere. It made the sun blood-red instead of yellow. Everyone was choking and coughing and the news reports kept coming in saying how it had happened.

Cars on Nikki's drive after the storm
Cars on Nikki's drive after the storm

Even though school was still on, my mum decided to keep us at home.

By lunchtime, the storm had passed and all that was left was a layer of orange and red dirt on everything.

My sister's once white Mercedes and dad's blue Toyota had both turned orange! And she had washed them YESTERDAY!"

Nikki, 11, Sydney, Australia

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