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Last Updated: Wednesday September 23 2009 06:03 GMT

Red dust cloud surrounds Sydney

Massive dust storm blows into Sydney

The city of Sydney in Australia is looking a little different after being surrounded by a huge cloud of red dust.

The dust has caused such big problems in the city that international flights have been disrupted.

The dust cloud is bad news for people living in Sydney too as they've been warned to stay indoors while it's around as it makes it hard to breathe.

The dust has been blown into the city from the outback by high winds, and the clouds are the worst for 70 years.

Bronte tells us what it's like in the dust cloud

People trying to get to work in Sydney found it difficult.

Some wore masks or wrapped themselves in scarves to try to keep the bits of dust out of their faces.

The dust storms are causing problems all along Australia's eastern coast, from Ulladulla, south of Sydney, to Brisbane, about 620 miles (1,000 kilometers) north.

A dog walker battles the red dust cloud

Other areas in the southeast were hit earlier this week.

It's been a pretty rough 24 hours for Australia, with earthquakes, hail storms and bushfires all affecting the country.