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Last Updated: Wednesday September 23 2009 06:18 GMT

Leah dives into a special swimming lesson

Leah makes a splash

Many people enjoy splashing around in a swimming pool, and most can cope fairly well with at least one of the well-known swimming strokes.

You'd think by now experts have worked out all the best ways to try to stay afloat, but one girl has come up with a new one.

We sent Leah to find out more...

"I love swimming and I reckon I'm pretty good at the front crawl and back stroke. At times I even enjoy the doggy paddle.

I thought I had learnt all I needed to know about swimming - until I met 11-year-old Ella. She's invented a totally new swimming stroke called the Dolphinella.


Ella receives her certificate

To master this new stroke I met up with Ella and her friends at their local pool. They explained that you have to stick your arms out in front and wiggle your body under the water.

Ella came up with the idea when she was on holiday. She said: "I love dolphins and I just put my name on the end of the word. It's really easy to pick up and loads of fun too."

I gave it a try but I was pretty bad at the new stroke - you have to keep you legs together and pop your head out of the water every four seconds.

All of Ella's mates are really proud of her new swimming stroke and they're all keen to make a splash with it.

It all came about when Ella entered a Swim4Life competition.

Get fit

Can Leah win the Dolphinella race?

Organisers want to get children fit and healthy while still having fun. They asked kids to come up with new ways to swim.

Ella's stroke proved the most popular. She received more than a 1,000 votes and won a trip to Alton Towers water park. And I presented her with a certificate for her efforts too.

At the moment there are no plans for schools to teach this new stroke in swimming lessons but Ella's really keen that one day is could feature at the Olympics with swimmers like Michael Phelps or Rebecca Adlington winning gold doing the Dolphinella!"