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Last Updated: Tuesday September 22 2009 13:27 GMT

Fashion row over model sizes

Fashion week row over size of models

A row has broken out at London Fashion Week after a designer decided to use bigger models for a catwalk show.

Models usually seen on the runway are very tall and size 8-10 but Mark Fast included girls who were size 12-14.

That's still smaller than the average woman in the UK - who is a size 16. But it's very unusual for famous designer to take this step.

Mark Fast said he used the models to show you don't have to be ultra skinny to look good in his clothes.

Model walks at the Mark Fast show

But after the decision to use larger models, Mark Fast's stylist and casting director walked out over "creative differences".

Different sizes

The Canadian designer is known for creating clingy knitted mini-dresses.

His clothes used to be made in just one size but his spring/summer 2010 collection features garments in different size groups.

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