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Last Updated: Tuesday September 22 2009 13:11 GMT

In pictures: James May's Lego house

James May and Lego house

Top Gear presenter James May has made a two-storey house out of more than three million Lego bricks.

James May

More than 1,000 volunteers helped to build the whole house from scratch.

James May and his Lego bed

The building is 6m tall and has a working toilet, hot shower and a bed - not sure how comfortable it would be?

A cat made out of Lego

It was made for a TV show all about toys. It has lots of other home comforts too - like a pet cat.

James May reading a newspaper made of Lego

The house was meant to be going to the Legoland theme park in Windsor.

Kitchen utensils made out of Lego

But now bosses at Legoland say it's going to cost too much to move it.

Lego house

Unless a new owner can be found the whole thing will have to be demolished.