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Last Updated: Monday September 21 2009 07:51 GMT

Pig muck used to make farm power


A Scottish farm has been given £500,000 to try using pig poo and vegetable waste to generate its own electricity.

Pig muck gives off methane gas, which the Ruchlaw Produce Company in East Lothian will use to power a machine that makes electricity and hot water.

Using the dung for energy also stops the methane doing damage by getting into the environment.

The gas makes up about 7% of the UK's greenhouse gases, which trap heat in the atmosphere, causing global warming.

It is hoped about 2,000 tonnes of vegetable waste will also be gathered to be converted into green energy and reduce landfill waste.

And with 3,200 breeding sows who produce about 70,000 piglets a year, the company won't be short of pig muck to support their power plans.

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