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Last Updated: Sunday September 20 2009 12:25 GMT

Tortoise survives motorway stroll

Tortoise survives motorway stroll

A tortoise is lucky to be alive after taking a slow stroll across six lanes of a motorway.

The tortoise was rescued from a road near the M25 by a keen-eyed engineer called John Formby.

He spotted something in the middle of the road, and thought it was dangerous to vehicles. When he got closer to it John realised it was a tortoise.

He got out of his car and ran over to the creature before picking it up and safely putting it into his car.

Later John stopped off to get some tomatoes and some salad to feed the tortoise with before taking it to a vets.

The vet found a microchip but was surprised to see that it wasn't the type used in the UK.

Where did it come from?

Vet Billy Elliott said: "We were delighted when we found he was micro-chipped so we could notify the owners he was safe.

"When we rang the company they told us it was a foreign microchip, which most likely came from America."

They think the tortoise - nicknamed Freeway - was brought to the UK by his owners. Now the next task is to try to track them down - quickly!