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Last Updated: Sunday September 20 2009 11:39 GMT

More violence in Northern Ireland

Police in Northern Ireland

There has been a third night of violence on the streets of County Armagh in Northern Ireland.

Armed men took two cars from drivers on Saturday night, even though police tried to keep an eye on people who they thought may have caused trouble.

Trouble began on Thursday after three men were sent to jail for their roles in a plan to kill police officers.

On Tuesday a new head of police in Northern Ireland, Chief Constable Matt Baggott, starts the job.

Police are worried that a big act of violence may be planned for Chief Constable Maggott's first days in charge.

Cars on fire on Northern Ireland
Cars were set on fire on Northern Ireland on Friday night

On Friday police started something called Operation Dissent. It means there will be more checkpoints and patrols in certain areas to try to stop trouble happening.

On Thursday and Friday cars were left sitting on the main Belfast to Dublin railway line, disrupting train services.

And on 8 September a big bomb was defused at Forkhill in south Armagh. Police said the device had been designed and built to kill its officers.