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Last Updated: Saturday September 19 2009 11:10 GMT

Has Amelle left the Sugababes?

Amelle Berrabah

It could be all change for the Sugababes again, with reports Amelle Berrabah has left the group.

Amelle joined the band in 2005, replacing former member Mutya Buena who left not long after having a baby.

Newspaper reports also suggest that a replacement for Amelle has already been lined up, with Eurovision singer Jade Ewen set to take her place.

Keisha Buchanan is now the only member of the band to have been a part of it since the start.

All the Sugababes so far
Keisha Buchanan and Heidi Range
Siobhan Donaghy-1998-2001
Mutya Buena 1998-2005
Keisha Buchanan 1998-?
Heidi Range 2001-?
Amelle Berrabah 2005-2009

Heidi Range joined the group in 2001, replacing original singer Siobhan Donaghy.

The Sugababes are doing pretty well in the charts at the moment, sitting at number eight in the singles chart with their track Get Sexy.