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Last Updated: Friday September 18 2009 15:32 GMT

E.coli farm sees more farms close

Workers close White Post Farm to the public

A Nottinghamshire farm has become the third in the UK to close after an outbreak of the E.coli vomiting bug.

Two people who visited White Post Farm at Farnsfield are said to have caught E.coli, but it's not sure where from.

The farm has closed while officials investigate the outbreak, but the cases aren't being linked to other closures.

So far, 45 cases of E.coli have been linked to Godstone Farm in Surrey. Horton Park Children's Farm in Epsom shut over concerns about hygiene.

Health officials said two other cases were potentially linked to White Post Farm, which "had different strains of E.coli 0157".

Doctor explains E.coli

In a statement, the health protection agency (HPA) said: "There are many potential sources of E.coli and as yet there is no confirmation that the farm is the source of infection in these cases, all of whom are well."

Animals at the farm are being tested over the weekend and the farm will stay shut until the results are known.

E.coli can live in your body for up to two weeks, so there is a chance that many more people could have it.

E.coli causes vomiting and diarrhoea and, in very rare cases, can kill people.