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Last Updated: Friday September 18 2009 15:27 GMT

City starts creating its own cash

Leah with some of the Brixton pound notes

Leah finds out how kids in Brixton are splashing their cash

You might be used to using different types of money when you go abroad on holiday, but now people in part of London have created their own cash too.

People in Brixton have created the Brixton pound, which can be used in about 70 local shops and businesses.

It's hoped that encouraging people to spend the notes in local shops will help independent companies stay open.

But the notes can't be used in chain stores and you can't put them in the bank to earn interest.

The notes, which come in ones, fives, 10s and 20s, all feature famous people and have all the security features you expect on normal money.

They're printed on special paper and even have holograms so no-one can copy them illegally.

Local cash

Brixton isn't the first place to create its own currency.

In 2007, Totnes in Devon became the first British town to launch its own local cash.

Lewes, in East Sussex, and Stroud, in Gloucestershire, have also followed its example to try to keep their communities in the money.