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Last Updated: Friday September 18 2009 12:51 GMT

Diversity's Perri OK after fall

Diversity after their performance for the Prime Minister at his home, NO 10 Downing street.

Diversity's Perri is "OK" after a fall during a performance outside the Prime Minister's home at 10 Downing Street.

The Britain's Got Talent winners are thought to be the only dance group to ever perform on the famous street.

Perri was hurt when he fell on his head after a backflip went wrong. It looked nasty, but Perri dusted himself off and was OK after a hug from his mates.

Diversity's leader Ashley Banjo said Perri only "bumped his head" and is fine now and laughing and joking.

The 11-strong dance troupe, who are all from Essex and east London, only had two days to rehearse for the performance.

Special routine

Watch Diversity's performance

"We put together a special routine" said Ashley. "There was a lot of pressure but it was great.!"

Talking about Perri's fall, he said: "He's done that backflip a 100 times before. He's human and we all make mistakes.

"He's devastated though that he mucked up. But he's a talented dancer - and part of that is learning how to fall.

"He banged his shoulder and head but is now fine and back to dancing!"