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Last Updated: Tuesday September 22 2009 05:37 GMT

I found out my town's amazing history

Press Packer Miles
Press Packer Miles

Press Packer Miles decided to unearth the history of his local community, and found out some pretty shocking stuff.

Here's his story.

"I think that people need to start being more interested in their local community and its history.

I live in a town called Horsforth in Leeds and when I looked into it, I found some really interesting stories.

Village secret

In our town we have a little museum that's built in the old house of the local priest.

There are so many interesting facts in there.

One thing I found that was pretty cool was a report of a local murder which happened just outside where my house is!

It happened 150 years ago.

World War II

There's also a really cool memorial stone talking about how our town helped out in World War Two.

The town held several fund raising events to raise money for a boat which helped detect German U-boats.

The boat our town supported even caught the submarine which had the code books for cracking the German communication code... how cool is that?

Community stories

I think that people should start caring about their local community more and realise that where ever you go, you'll find an interesting story somewhere in its history.

It could be the birth place of a celebrity or even the town that invented sheep-racing!

I don't know, but what I do know is that it is OK to know about and to care for your local community.

You never know, you might just discover something amazing.

My tips

If you want to know how to find out what stories your local community has, why don't you try my tips...

1. Most local libraries have a local history section. Pay a visit and see what they have.

2. Get to know your neighbours, especially the elderly ones. They have a wealth of stories and local knowledge.

3. Go for walk and look at the local buildings, it's amazing what you can discover.

4. See if you have a local museum. They may be small but they are packed with information.

Miles, 12, West Yorkshire, England

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