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Last Updated: Thursday September 17 2009 11:02 GMT

In pictures: The Empire Strikes Barack!

Barack Obama fencing

No, this is not a scene from a new Star Wars film. It's American President Barack Obama trying his hand at fencing, using a toy lightsaber!

Barack Obama fencing

Barack Obama - or Obama-Wan Kenobi as he should be called - was throwing a party for athletes at the White House.

The Obamas fencing

His wife Michelle even got in on the action!

Barack Obama watches some judo

The President is helping the campaign to get the Olympics and Paralympics to be held in his home town Chicago in 2016.

Barack Obama with athletes

Olympic chiefs will make their decision about which city will host the event in October.

Barack Obama tries fencing

After his training Mr Obama was congratulated by the fencing exert with a trademark fist bump.