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Last Updated: Thursday September 17 2009 15:02 GMT

Strike means post isn't arriving

Hayley checks out the post problems

You might have noticed you haven't been getting much mail at home recently.

It's because lots of postmen and women have been on strike. That means that they haven't been going to work because they're protesting about something.

In this case, postal workers are unhappy about how much they are getting paid and also that jobs where they work are being cut.

Postal strikes over the past few weeks have left around 9m letters and parcels stuck in sorting offices.

Postmen and women are now going to decide whether to have a national strike which would affect the whole country.

Although even a strike across the entire country won't cause as many problems as it used to.

That's because many people now use technology including email and instant messaging to keep in touch.

That's one of the reasons behind the disagreement.

With fewer letters and parcels being posted, the service has to change the way it works, but the bosses and workers can't agree on how to make those changes.