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Last Updated: Tuesday September 15 2009 15:25 GMT

Law change could limit kids on TV

Law change could limit kids on TV

Far fewer children could be starring on TV soon if the government goes through with plans to change the law.

At the moment if you're under 14 and appear in a drama show you need to have a special licence, but you don't need one for factual shows like Newsround.

We only need your parent's permission to film with you, but licences could be on the way for ALL kids' shows.

Licences limit the hours kids can work and help protect them, but would make it harder to use children on Newsround.

Newsround often wants to speak to children on the day a big news story happens, but licences take a long time to set up.

So if the new rules are brought in it could mean an end to Press Pack reports on TV.

Other TV programmes that allow kids to get their voices heard on screen when they aren't performing could also find things more difficult.

Organisations like the BBC are now working with the Government to find out how the changes could affect programmes.

Not "clamping down"

The government told Newsround the proposed changes aren't about "clamping down" on kids' shows. They are to make sure the law lets children be on TV in a "safe and sensible way".

It'll be a while before any decisions are made.