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Last Updated: Tuesday September 15 2009 13:57 GMT

Ricky goes on seatbelt patrol

Ricky on seatbelt patrol

Ricky straps in to check out seatbelts

Wearing your seatbelt could save your life if you are in an car accident.

But figures released by Manchester Police show a record number of parents aren't getting their children to belt up in the car.

Ricky strapped himself in to find out more.

"Not wearing a seatbelt, for drivers and passengers is illegal, and offenders can face a £60 fine.

The Department for Transport says that more than 350 lives could be saved each year if everyone wore their seatbelts.

Police regularly go on seatbelt patrols. They carry out the search after parking up on the side of a busy main road.

High definition cameras

I spent the day with a transport officer in Lancashire, seeking out people who weren't strapped in when they were driving. We also wanted to see if any parents were failing to get their kids to belt up.

Ricky on seatbelt patrol

Officer Kate Brady uses her eyes and the latest technology to find those who might be breaking the law.

The police car is fitted with high definition cameras connected to a monitor attached to the dashboard. The police use this footage as proof that the people they catch weren't wearing their seatbelts.


After just a couple of minutes we find our first target - a young man driving along without his seatbelt on. When he pulled over Officer Kate Brady got out of the police car and gave the man a warning.

This time around he got off lightly, but that's not always the case.

School visits

Lancashire police force say they're on top of the issue.

They visit schools and give out leaflets on a regular basis to stress how important it is to strap yourself in.

It sounds pretty obvious and something most of us don't even need to think twice about, but still, many lives are lost each year because people forget to put their belts on."