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Last Updated: Monday September 14 2009 14:22 GMT

Attempt to save school lamb fails

Marcus the sheep

A lamb that had been raised on a school farm has been killed for its meat.

Marcus had been reared by pupils at Lydd Primary School since birth. But on Thursday the school council voted 13-1 to send the animal to be slaughtered.

The decision has been in the news a lot. Some people thought it was wrong to kill Marcus because he'd become more like a pet to some of the children.

The meat will now be sold off in a raffle to raise money to buy more animals for the school farm.

At one point TV star Paul O'Grady offered to buy the animal to make sure Marcus wasn't killed.

But despite all the interest head teacher Andrea Charman said it was important to show children where food comes from.

She hopes that everyone will "move on" so that all the pupils at the school can get back to normal.

Some parents are still angry about what's happened. They say it was wrong of the school to allow the kids to get so attached to the animal.