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Last Updated: Friday September 11 2009 17:02 GMT

Row over plan to kill school lamb

One of the sheep at the school

Sonali finds out why a school is at the centre of a meaty row

A school in Kent has said it is going ahead with a plan to kill a lamb living there so it can be eaten.

Marcus has been living on the school's farm since he was tiny, and now the school council's voted 13-1 to kill him to raise money to buy more animals.

They plan to raffle the joints of meat that Marcus becomes, and use the cash raised to buy three pigs.

But some parents think their children will be really upset when Marcus is killed and want him to be saved.

They're not all upset just because an animal is to be killed. Parents are also angry because they say the children were encouraged to treat Marcus as a pet and have got attached to him.

Two other lambs live on the farm at Lydd Primary School too.

Meat raffle

Pupils from Lydd Primary School

Kids' views on raising and killing Marcus the lamb

The pigs that the school plans to buy with the money it would raise from the meat raffle will be turned into sausages when the animals are big enough.

The school's head teacher Ms Charman said the children will learn a lot from the farm. She says it will teach them about where food comes from and the economy.

Several people, including TV presenter Paul O'Grady, and some animal sanctuaries have offered to buy or look after Marcus to keep him alive, but the school is thought to have turned down the offers.